Catalyst Container

Reducing Risk and Supporting the Global Economy - The Catalyst Container

The Challenge

To design a soft sided container that reduces handling risks and provides efficiencies for catalyst using production facilities.  The new container design would protect the contents from transport and handling damage, allow for sampling during it's journey through the supply chain, maximize transport yield, and save time duing the fill of the container as well as during the discharge.

Our Solution

A container that provides benefits to all parties by protecting the product, optimizing handling, loading and shipping of the Catalysts. The container is the base design, optimal sizes and options are available to meet the customer requirements.

The Syn-Tex Approach

Syn-Tex partnered with Industry specialists including Catalyst Container Suppliers, Catalyst Handlers, Catalyst Regenerators as well as Refineries to determine risk points during the supply chain, as well as opportunities for efficiency gains in handling, loading, shipping, receiving and discharging of product.  Syn-Tex, known for it's heavy seam strength expertise, thoroughly tested the bag during it's development. Syn-Tex simulated loading and unloading the bag with Catalyst, loading and unloading the bags from a shipping container, simulated fire events, forklift collisions with the bag as well as Drop Tests, Top Lift Tests and Topple Test.

The End Result

The final result is the Syn-Tex X-1 Catalyst Container.  It is a knock down, flexible catalyst container, approved by the US Department of Transportation for the transport of hazardous material.  The catalyst container has the weight and size capacity for more catalyst than other containers on the market, which maximizes the shipping yield for shipping containers.