FIBCs Maximize Yield Per Shipping Container

The Challenge:
To reduce shipping costs. Our client approached us to develop a new flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) capable of maximizing the available space in a shipping container while minimizing unload time.

Our Solution:
By engaging the customer in the design process and working directly with their specific product and shipping containers, we were able to deliver the optimal solution for their shipping needs: custom-made FIBC packaging.

The Syn-Tex Approach:
By replacing uncertainties and internal biases with hard data collected in partnership with our client, our R&D team was able to prototype various options to tackle the challenge at hand. This collaborative approach allowed us to eliminate the element of surprise, allowing a team of industry experts to choose a solution with confidence.

The End Result:
With a bulk density of 30 lbs./cu ft., a new polypropylene sewn bag was designed and chosen. This new bag increased the amount of product to be shipped in a 20 foot container to 29,400 lbs, up from 21,600 lbs, which is a 30% increase over a conventional bag.