Mining Solutions

Reducing Operating Expenses and Saving Lives - Slot Raise Mining Bag

The Challenge

Signode is committed to providing a safe working environment for all of it's global employees.  In collaboration with our mining expert partner, Syn-Tex is looking to design a product in which Signode's Safety Cardinal Rule is extended to others while also increasing the economic value of the mineral.  The challenge is to have the design approved in an environment where the operating cycle is complex and where the external influences such as the economy may effect demand.

Our Solution

In the past, Syn-Tex and partner have developed mining products to dewater, contain, stabilize, provide heat and fire resistance and mostly to enhance safety. This mining solution will be the catalyst in the mining industry towards change to engineered sewn products where possible.

The Syn-Tex Approach

Syn-Tex partnered with an industy expert on a heavy seam strength solution specific to the Iron Ore mines in Sudbury Ontario. We first determined the operating procedure within specific mines such that a solution could be designed and sewn. The solution allowed for the smaller diameter hole to be blasted, utilized, filled and then followed up later with a larger diameter hole.

The End Result

With the use of the Sturda Slot Raise Mining Bag, companies can save substantial time off of their cycle time, dependent on what methods are being used by the mines.  They can also save time during install and save with regards to upfront procurement costs vs the traditional methods.