Flood Protection

Wave BreakerTM Offers Rapid Deployment Solution

The Challenge:
The time between approved emergency government funding for flood protection and the rising waters of overland flooding is generally very short. To protect people, property and the environment during Manitoba's floods of 2011 and 2013, a rapid deployment solution was required.

Our Solution:
In the Spring of 2011, Syn-Tex researched, developed, and supplied the Wave BreakerTM to flooding communities across Manitoba. The 2011 focus was protection against the harsh spring floodwaters, flexibility and re-use. In 2013, Syn-Tex improved the Wave Breaker deployment system to further reduce install time. Using the new deployment system, 225 feet of protection was installed around one house in just 50 minutes, allowing the install crew to protect six houses in one day.

The Syn-Tex Approach:
Syn-Tex partnered with industry experts to develop a new installation system for the Wave BreakerTM . Through this collaborative approach, Syn-Tex was able to design, develop, prototype and test new fixtures and also test new product variants (height, width and fabric) to fight back the floodwaters.  The Industry experts included Provincial EMO's, University of Manitoba Specialists, City of Winnipeg and Provincial Engineers.

The End Result:
During the 2013 flood, flood teams were able to protect six houses a day, compared to one house protected via the traditional sand bag method. Syn-Tex continues to develop the Wave Breaker for next generation uses.