Erosion Protection

Gravel Bags Protect Man Made Shorelines in Alaska

The Challenge:undefined
Syn-Tex was tasked with providing year-round erosion protection for man made oil drilling islands located in the rugged Beaufort Sea. The challenge was to develop an efficient, accurate and safe placement solution that could withstand the elements and last for years.

Our Solution:
Drawing on past successes of utilizing geo textile solutions for locations where tidal flows, waves and wake have eroded the coastline, we developed the Syn-Tex Gravel Bag, a robust solution designed to withstand everything the Beaufort Sea can throw at it.

The Syn-Tex Approach:
We worked with several partners, innovative technical Fabric manufacturers, Coastal Engineers and Alaskan Construction Specialists to develop the optimal solution for the shoreline and climate. With our help, the man made islands of Alaska became a reality, allowing for oil exploration and production.

The End Result:
The Syn-Tex Gravel Bag has proven to provide year-round protection for our client. With our partners, we developed both two cubic yard and four cubic yard bags filled with gravel, which incur little damage during the eight months where ice is a threat. When the ice is gone, these same bags provide the oil islands with the protection required to prevent erosion and slope damage.