Heavy Seam Strength Specialists Since 1979

We've seen a lot of changes since we opened our doors in 1979. We've witnessed incredible shifts in how supply chains are structured, as well as where and how manufacturing takes place. Our products have been on the frontlines of flooded cities and helped the oil and gas sector stake out new territory in Alaska and in Russia. From Winnipeg and Mexico, India and China, our team has never stopped innovating and improving our products and processes for the benefit of our customers.

We Put More Into Every Bag

While so much has changed over the past three and a half decades, our commitment to corporate integrity and quality business practices has never waivered. We are dedicated to sourcing the best materials possible and are committed to the highest degree of manufacturing excellence. From super strength stitching to our meticulous testing processes and Syn-Tex Quality Management Systems, we put more into every bag and our customers appreciate it.

A Global Force in Protective Packaging

Through our ongoing investments in people, technology, research, testing and facilities, we have been able to develop an international customer base that includes leaders in industries as diverse as mining, oil, chemicals, pulp and paper, agriculture, cement, food, shipping, coastal engineering and environmental management, to name just a few.

Driven by Research and Engineering

The mandate of the Syn-Tex R & D Department is as follows: to research, develop, test and implement improvements to the design and/or structure of our products that will increase the quality and functionality of these products, and/or reduce the cost. Through partnerships with industry experts, our in-house research and testing team has developed a wide range of innovative products that have become indispensible for our customers.

Quality Control at Every Step

Our products and services meet and exceed all relevant standards, codes and legislations. Our formal Quality Assurance Program features continuous improvement through detection, control and disposition of non-conformances, followed by implementation of the appropriate corrective actions. 

Proud to be a Signode Company

Syn-Tex is proud to be part of the Signode Industrial Group which offers all the expertise and resources of belonging to the Signode family. Signode, headquartered in Glenview, Illinois, is a leading international business corporation with more than 80 business units worldwide and 7,000 employees.